We offer complete consulting, design, and installation services for cabling infrastructures and computer networks nationwide. We ensure dedicated project management in all phases, from the planning stages to the completion of the project.


All network installations are accomplished using an 'open system architecture' concept allowing the room for potential future growth. Each and every project is implemented with the highest standard of quality; with our customers’ best interest our first priority.


We provide MAC, (Moves, Adds, Changes) Troubleshooting & Repair, and Cabling Certification services quickly and efficiently. With a Certified System, all work will be warranted for a minimum of one year and in some cases, for the lifetime of the installation. Service Contracts are provided and customized to individual needs.

All the staff of Takalani Mamatho  , both field and office based, have been carefully selected for their expertise and experience within various disciplines associated with IT infrastructures, and as a result we are able to offer the following extensive range of services:

Computer Room Construction

  • Fire protection/detection

  • False Flooring/Room construction

  • Air-conditioning

  • Access Control & Security

  • Power conditioning/ Surge protection

  • 24/7 Critical monitoring systems

Cabling Services

  • Cable Plant Design

  • Data & Voice Cabling

  • Cable Plant Certification

  • CAD Drawings & schematics

  • Fibre Optic reticulation and splicing

  • Electrical design & Reticulation

  • UPS, Generator & Smart building systems


  • Warrantee

  • Carry-in

  • On-Site

  • Preventative

  • Maintenance Agreement

Local/ Wide area network set-up

  • PC's & Server's installation

  • Peripheral equipment

  • NIC's

  • UTP to Fibre Converters

  • Edge Switches

  • Core Switches

  • Router installations 

  • Remote Access Services

  • Fax Services

  • Ethernet Radio Links


  • Service Level Agreement

  • Telephonic support

  • Ad-Hoc Support

  • Back-to-back vendor support

Internet Cafe

  • Internet Access

  • Email Accounts (Gmail accounts)

  • Fax services (International & Local)

  • Scanning and Printing

  • Document Book Binding

  • Laminating (General)

  • Photocopies - Colour and B/W

  • Printing - Colour and B/W

Providing a Complete Suite of IT Solutions


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